Global Logistics

Pick and pack / direct to store

We currently have facilities to arrange pick and pack by store, pick and pack for global wholesale distribution and the capability to pick and pack for online distribution. 

With 32,700sqm of factory capacity in China, we currently have the capabilities to provide warehouse resources for our valued customers as well as third party arrangements in place for warehousing in Hong Kong, USA, Canada and the Netherlands.

Active Apparel Group can assist customers with their product distribution strategy, this will help to minimise freight costs and maximise efficiency. We can offer this level of service with end to end delivery and still maintain confidentiality with company information and invoices.


With worldwide distribution capabilities from Shanghai and Hong Kong we can offer FOB, FIS Australia, FIS USA, FIS Hong Kong, FIS EU (via Netherlands), FIS Canada and FIS China.


  • Duty minimisation structures into key strategic locations.

  • Our PNP service improves customer speed to market and cost associated with packing and distribution.

  • We offer a cost-effective distribution channel.

  • We have strong relationships with freight forwarding and 3PL companies.

  • Production, pick and pack and distribution can be organised through one channel.